my valentine ebenezers

So it’s Valentine’s Week. And here are my ebenezers…a repost from a blog entry last year.

For 2 Valentine’s Days, these gentlemen gave me flowers:

This morning I woke up thinking about these children, how much they mean to me, and how much I miss them. I cried and watched videos of them before church. I miss…

Cooking and talking with this one.
One on one time with Mac.
This one’s grins and heart full of love.
Discovering things that Yates LOVES. I miss getting to love hearing his laugh.
I miss Mimi’s desire to always be held.
I miss silly lunch dates with Grey and the conversations that we would get to have.
I miss late afternoon snacks and playtime.
I miss seeing some of the funny things they did for the first time…like deciding to sit down in a line to eat a snack together instead of running around.
I miss this one’s curiosity and opinions.
I miss having the attention of all 4 at once….(almost).
I miss dates to the park.
I miss pushing this….
….and having this view. And knowing I could handle all that this picture entails.

I think the hardest thing for me about being a nanny was/is that I loved those children so much, and at the end of the day, I had to leave. I miss walking in every morning to grumpy children waking up and screams of “KK!” from the kitchen while they ate their breakfast. I miss hugs that almost knocked me over. I miss struggling to dress flailing arms and kicking legs every morning (and sometimes several other times each day), and taking them for walks, and playing outside, and working through temper tantrums, and getting shoes on and off of 10 feet, giving 50 kisses out each day, dance parties, making pumpkin play-dough with Grey, talking with Libby, walking to Honey’s house, swimming with 5 under 4, bath time, going to parks, telling them how much I love them, telling them Jesus loves them so much more. I miss praying for bumped elbows and scraped knees and begging God for patience. I miss praying with the babies before lunch sometimes and covering my face with my hands and begging God to show us his faithfulness and to give us patience and grace and help us make it to nap time. I miss going into their rooms when they woke up from their naps and seeing them standing at the part of their crib that was closest to the door and staring at the door and then grinning so big when they saw my face. I miss that a lot. I miss their mom. I miss how Libby was always kind to me. I miss seeing how much she loved me and loved her children and loved the Lord. I miss the way she made their home beautiful. I miss her dedication. I miss seeing the way McLean loved his family, seeing how much he adored his wife and how Grey was so excited every time he came home from work, and I miss how the babies would stand at the window or gate and wave good-bye as he went to work. I miss my friends.

So sometimes I buy flowers.


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