May first?! on young living essential oils

I knew it was late, so I checked my phone and realized that it is almost 1 a.m. Then I saw on my phone’s calendar that it is May 1. I have no idea how that happened. May 1?! I’m really thankful but I think I’m getting old because I’m starting to feel like time is flying.

Life for me over the past 6 weeks has been One Huge Adjustment. I got a retail job, jumped back into substitute teaching (which I LOVE), started thrifting and eBay selling, and became what my friend [affectionately] calls an “Oily Person.” I joined Young Living Essential Oils.

After hearing a few people talk a lot about how they were integrating essential oil use into their daily lives, I decided to look into it a little bit more, really out of curiosity. What piqued my interest initially was how one friend has begun making her own shampoo, conditioner, and lotion and has added the essential oils to the mix. I have always had really sensitive skin, and only the gentlest products work, and if I try something new, it is really always a bust. My scalp will get irritated and suddenly I’ll have dandruff, my face will get red and splotchy and the eczema that I’ve kept at bay for so long will pop up. I’ve recently been using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil body wash (as my shampoo) and their conditioner. It has worked, but my hair has still been pretty dry.

So I’ve been putting off the desire to make my own shampoo & conditioner, but ordered some oils and did it. My scalp has been nearly flakeless, and my hair is growing faster. It has a natural softness to it that it hasn’t had with any shampoos that I can remember.

Now. The face lotion is a BIG deal. I’ve used Burt’s Bees lotion for a while on my face, but every time I buy a new bottle of it, I cringe because they’ve changed the ingredients before and I’m scared that they’ve done it again. Also, every bottle of the face lotion is almost $20. And I hate the thought that I’m putting a lotion on my face that has a huge list of ingredients that I don’t recognize. So, with my Young Living oils, I have been using a drop of Lavender and a drop of Peace & Calming mixed in my palm with 8 drops of olive oil (I bought cold pressed olive oil and a dropper from Whole Foods), rubbing my palms together to mix it up, and putting that on my face. It has worked incredibly, and calmed down a recent eczema outbreak. The olive oil does not make my skin too oily. I think the right pH balance with the oil actually keeps my skin from getting dry or oily. It’s a strange balance.

I have also been using PanAway mixed with olive oil to soothe muscle aches on my shoulders and neck, and sometimes I diffuse Lavender and Peace & Calming at night. Even if nothing was working cosmetically or medicinally, the pro would be that my body and house smell REALLY good…without toxic chemicals that can be found in candles and cleaning products.

I would love to tell YOU about essential oils. Becoming a member means that you have the opportunity to buy products at a discounted price, and also sell products to others. But you never ever HAVE to sell. The selling part is only if you want to. And I want to. Because I believe that the products work and I’m in the midst of a career change. (Shameless plug.)

If you are interested in trying some of the oils, click here. You can click retail customer or wholesale customer, but I’d go with wholesale and get the discount if I were you. Or if you are interested in just trying a couple of the products, talk to me.

Carry on.



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