update: essential oils

I’ve recently been asked about how I practically use essential oils every day. (Clarification: I use Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils.) Here is some information that will hopefully be helpful to you!

On a day to day basis, I use the oils for skin issues (eczema & dry/sensitive skin), anxiety, as a sleep aid, and for back pain. What made me take the leap was that I was taking Advil every night for at least the last year for headaches and muscle tension in my back and neck that was really painful. I just couldn’t keep doing that to my liver, and honestly it wasn’t helping that much, so I wanted to see if the oils would help with relaxation and pain. They have..a lot. I’ve only used Advil about 4 times since getting the oils in March. The PanAway and Deep Relief have really helped with muscle stuff, Lavender & Peppermint help with headaches, and Lavender and Peace & Calming really help with anxiety. I rub Peace & Calming on my feet every night and sleep really deeply….I’ve had sleep issues for the last 4-5 years and have taken prescription meds. I haven’t been brave enough to give up the prescriptions yet, but I can already tell that the Peace & Calming helps me have complete REM cycles because I’m dreaming a lot more and remembering my dreams when I use it.
I also get nauseous when I’m anxious about something. I never throw up, but to help the nausea I have been rubbing peppermint oil on my stomach occasionally. I haven’t had to use it recently…probably because of the Peace & Calming and Stress Away that I use on a daily basis that help with the anxiety.
I diffuse the oils for different things using my diffuser. At night when I go to bed, I diffuse either Lavender or Peace & Calming. For just a general good smell, I diffuse the blend called Joy. Many of the oils can be diffused with great benefits. You have to be careful when diffusing them and also using them topically with infants and young children. There are certain oils that can be harmful to children because of their strength…so do your research before using them on your kids.
Also, certain Young Living oils are blends of different oils. You want to be sure to read the list of ingredients in the blend to see if you are allergic to anything. For instance, some oils blends are pre-diluted with Almond Oil, so if you are allergic to nuts, that could be a problem!
I hope this information helps! Young Living just came out with a line of oils blends just for kids. Also, the oils that I have just mentioned, including the diffuser, come in the Premium Starter Kit. So if you were to wanting to get into the oils, I would recommend getting the kit so that you can play around with it and see what you use the most before you buy the larger 15 ml bottles. The kit comes with 11 different 5 ml bottles. I went through Lavender and Peace & Calming pretty quickly, so those were the first ones that I bought bigger bottles of. But the good thing is, when you get the starter kit ($150-$160 depending on which diffuser you want) and sign up as a wholesale member, you get 24% off of any future oil buys. And then you can sell the oils if you want to, or you can just use them for your family. Your call, no penalties.

I would love to introduce you to Young Living! Sign up with me before July 15 and I will send you a free copy of the Essential Oils Pocket Reference (on amazon for $28). Email me with questions at Kiersteneh@gmail.com.


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