the gift of good neighbors

There are two things of life that I am counting on these days: life is constantly changing, going through seasons of life and growth and death and rebirth, and that God NEVER changes. Man, he really points us back to him in this. He created life so that we have to cling to him as our steady center.

I’m in the midst of having to say a lot of goodbyes. It’s hard, but it’s hard because I have such good, rich friendships, and that is a huge blessing. So, to my good, good neighbors:

Thank you for being across the street, for playing in your front yard, for gardening, for having an open door, for letting me walk over with wine in hand, for the hugs, bike rides, hikes, park trips, shared stories, letting me be a part of bed time routines, bringing your children to my house, letting me borrow your clothes, being honest and vulnerable and real live people. Thank you for the shared adventures, the laughter, and even the tears. It has been so good sharing life with you. I’m counting on this not being good bye, but see you later.


Hiking Powder Valley


Sledding Art Hill

IMG_0871Sweet snuggles


Impromptu/emergency slumber parties


Turtle Park….so thankful for the sunshine!


Camp’s giggles


After a round of being bats


Look! There’s a bee!!


Can you eat with your eyes closed??




Love you so much.


When I left your house tonight after packing boxes, I got to glimpse you standing outside your house one last time. I know I’m going to miss all of that, but I don’t yet know how much. You are loved, and you are leaving a void on this corner of our street and in my life.

Here is your key. But here’s the deal. You are still welcome in my house any time, and I will likely show up at your door. You’ve been good neighbors. Much love.