With Lucy Lou, who’s teaching me things

What no one ever told me about getting a puppy is to check the weather forecast first. Having a long weekend at home with my sweet new pup was amazing, and then Monday came, I left for work, and the 2 day torrential downpour began. Crate training and housebreaking are a LITTLE bit tough in the constant rain and mud. I see a bath and a trip to the groomer in the very near future because I do have a white couch. Smart play, KK.

When I took Lucy Lou for a walk this evening, it was dark, raining, and my yard was all mud. To my neighbors in advance: please please PLEASE forgive me for not picking up the poop that my dog left in your yard. I couldn’t really tell what was mud and what was poop, and I was in survival mode. Here’s the other thing: everything we’ve learned in the last couple of days about walking WENT OUT THE WINDOW tonight. The car lights were reflecting off of the sidewalk and street, the smells were different, there was rain falling on us, the air was different. So much newness. And in the middle of the walk, as I was telling Lucy about how no one told me about walking her in the rain, I thought about how A.A. Milne would have turned what we were doing into puddle jumping. I tried for a minute to turn mine and Lucy’s walk into puddle jumping, but then I thought about how A.A. Milne’s characters also lived in trees and holes in the ground in The Hundred Acre Woods, and his illustrations didn’t show how mud sinks into rugs and stains them. You can’t smell the wet animal smell in the books.

My dog’s name means “light,” which is ironic because she’s a chocolate brown Goldendoodle. She’s bringing light into my life and reminding me of the unconditional love of God each day. She’s getting me out of the house for a walk each day…even in the rain. And…the snuggles I got while I towel-dried her were pretty great. Here’s to life in The Lou with Lucy Lou. Hugs and puppy kisses (and dreams of a new children’s book series stirring),