a game changer

Hello, my name is Kiersten, and I just recently realized I’d fallen off the cliff into the depths of unhealthy eating. Last Saturday, I woke up and realized that the night before, I’d eaten an entire bag of potato chips. Ya’ll, that’s totally not who I used to be.

Lately my energy level has been going up and down and I’ve been moving through my days exhausted. There are probably a lot of things that factor into this, but one thing I realized I could change is the way I eat. So I accepted the Whole30 challenge. I cut out dairy, grains, legumes, added sweeteners, and alcohol. After 2 days, I could already tell a difference: much more energy and I was sleeping better.

I bounced into school on Monday and told another teacher that I had made a life changing decision. I may keep this life style up…we’ll see. Seven days in and I’m now craving a piece of gluten free chocolate cake and a glass of wine, so I really need to come up with some creative recipes to take pictures of and write about to keep me tasting and motivated! I’m probably not going to be one of those people who posts an update or a meal log daily, or even every other day, but there might be an occasional Whole30 post. Cheers!…without the wine glass =(.


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